Got A New Product to Launch? Maybe I Can help...

My name is Dom Bavaro and for the past 6 years, I've been creating video content on social media promoting either my own products or someone else's. I've built a following of over 140,000 people and that number grows every day.

However, I've really found a "happy place" in the product launch process and have developed systems, frameworks, and built it on top of a cool software that handles most of the heavy lifting.

I can help you if you're...

  • Looking to start an online business

  • Needing digital infrastructure to support your "brick & mortar"

  • Launching a product online and need help

Resources I Have Available

NextGen Affiliate Challenge

Affiliate marketing needn't be complicated. Good content & a warm list is all you need to promote ANY affiliate offer. Join the NextGen 5-Day challenge to see how AI can do most of the heavy lifting for you and help you make more sales!

Lead Vortex Software

No matter WHAT your business model is, you need some sort of software to act as the digital backbone of your business. After all, how are you going to send emails and keep customer records? Lead Vortex can handle all that and more!

Retail Influencer Mastery

Learn the absolute basics of online business and monetize all the foundational skills needed to succeed online through the Amazon Influencer Program. This is "Step 1" to becoming an online entrepreneur. Use the earnings here to finance the future.

My Core Business Philosophies

Create Powerful Video Content

Business is a relationship based game. People do business with people they know and getting yourself on video (both live & recorded) is the fastest way to foster a relationship with your audience at scale.

Quality video content also takes some burden off of your copywriting skills. If someone can "soak" in your video for 30, 60, or even 90 days, they know, like, & trust you way more than if you had simply popped a "buy now" ad in front of them.

The entire marketing & sales cycle in 2024 and beyond starts with quality videos.

Sell at Scale Through Video

In today's post-covid world, people are more online than they've ever been. That makes selling at scale in a "one-to-many" environment a necessary skill if you have a product or service to promote. It's never been easier to get 100 or even 1000 qualified prospects in the same room virtually and deliver your core message to them all at the same time.

Yes, old school "belly to belly" and 1:1 sales have their place, but 1-to-many will collect the warmest buyers in the shortest amount of time with the least amount of resources. then you can focus on the "on-the-fence" buyers with a 1:1 follow-up.

Build Automated Systems

It's 2024. With the amount of "no-code" and "low-code" automation platforms available, there is no reason to NOT have some sort of automated follow-up, onboarding, or fulfillment system in place.

Time spent updating spreadsheets, sending over client docs, SOPs, and granting access to members areas is all wasted time in my opinion. These things should all be automated so you can focus on higher leverage activates. Mainly, publishing video content, selling at scale, and fulfilling on your existing customers.

Who Is Dom Bavaro?

Content Creator Turned "SaaSpreneur"

After cutting my sales & marketing teeth in the retail car business, I decided to venture out into the world of entrepreneurship in 2017 with an app based car rental business. I marketed that business using social media and had some success, but ultimately it would fail in January of 2020.

After losing that business, I turned to content creation and marketing digital products. After launching several successful information products, I realized that the real staying and compounding power was in selling software as a service. Another pivot in 2022 led to earning the coveted "SaaSpreneur Gold" award from HighLevel in 2023.